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My Parents Are Aliens

Watch the episode of My Parents Are Aliens broadcasted on 15-11-2015, via

My Parents Are Aliens

My Parents Are Aliens on ITV is a children’s sitcom that has attracted of adult viewers as well as its target audience. It follows the adventures of the Barker family three orphan children, Mel Josh and Lucy  who are placed in the foster care of Brian and Sophie Johnson their new foster parents. Having already been placed in a high number of foster homes the children are keen to stay with the Johnsons.

The family get on well together but unknown to anyone else the Johnson’s are aliens from the planet Valux, marooned on earth after their spaceship crash landed. Even their house is actually a disguised spaceship. The children help the Johnson’s acclimatize to living on earth and must keep their secret or risk having their foster parents taken away by the government for scientific testing.

The comedy is centred around the misunderstandings and bizarre behaviour of the aliens as well as resembling a family sit-com and the issues of teenagers and children. The father Brian Johnson is a scientist but is easily talked into entering into money-making schemes with street wise 12 year old Josh. Mel is the eldest and with a sarcastic line in humour and bizarre fashion sense, she is the leader of the children. Lucy is the youngest and the brainbox of the family who often helps Brian on scientific experiments. Ice cream and its effects upon the aliens play a big part of the show.
My Parents Are Aliens ran from 1998 to 2006 for eight series. Catch up with the latest series of My Parents Are aliens via and enjoy this quality children’s comedy show.

Watch all episodes of My Parents Are Aliens here. My Parents Are Aliens is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of My Parents Are Aliens here via

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