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The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

Based on the successful UK of the same name, The Jeremy Kyle Show  is an American  television talk show presented by talk show host, Jeremy Kyle.
The show was produced by ITV Studios America and Debmar-Mercury and was first broadcast in September 2011, ending in February 2013. 

The US version of The Jeremy Kyle Show, featured several elements similar to the UK show, with a strong focus on themes dealing with relationship issues, alcoholism  and  familial conflict.
Aftershow support and counselling was also provided to participants requiring additional assistance   in a programme managed and overseen by Dr. Janet Taylor.

The Jeremy Kyle Show ran from  September 19, 2011 with its final episode being shown on February 28, 2013.
It is currently aired in the UK on ITV2  during the week and on ITV1 on Saturdays.
Previous episodes are available for online viewing on ITV Player.

Similar programs: The Jeremy Kyle Show(UK).

The Jeremy Kyle Show USA - ITV1 Player

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