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The Island with Bear Grylls

The Island with Bear Grylls on Channel 4 is the latest controversial offering from this station and is becoming compulsive viewing. It’s a simple idea. Drop 13 ordinary 21st century blokes onto a desert island for a month and see how they get on without any modern comforts of home or survival skills. 
Even better, well known posh survival expert Bear Grylls is nowhere near the island and simply passes his opinion over how well these modern day survivors are doing from a safe distance. 
The desert island looks beautiful but this Pacific location is dangerous. There are poisonous plants, crocodiles and nature to contend with. Unlike programmes like "I’m A Celebrity", there are no winners in this show. There is no TV crew on hand to pull the survivors out of trouble. The castaways film themselves and have to get on with the business of surviving and learning the hard way. 
They have not being doing that brilliantly. Getting a fire lit took hours of effort and all the men are hungry. Their fishing and hunting skills are not great either and in a recent episode Ryan a call centre worker broke his hand in a fruitless attempt to catch a bird. 
The Island with Bear Grylls on Channel 4 has been criticised for not including any women survivors but does this really matter? It would make for a different type of show but it is interesting to see just how these guys get along on in their own manly style.
After all, there weren’t any women in Lord of the Flies either but only time will tell if these unlikely survivors will suddenly start painting their bodies and carrying out tribal rituals. We can only hope! 
Catch up with the latest episode of the Island with Bear Grylls via your and see how hard it is to be a modern day Robinson Crusoe.  
The Island with Bear Grylls - Channel 4 - 4oD

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