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Hollyoaks: Omnibus

Watch the episode of Hollyoaks: Omnibus broadcasted on 16-11-2014, via

Hollyoaks: Omnibus

Hollyoaks: Omnibus is set in Hollyoaks, a fictional suburb of Chester and focuses on the lives of its young residents and the families which they are part of. In keeping with its young target audience, the show features storylines which deal with issues relevant to them, such as:  drug addiction, debt, domestic violence, bullying and bulimia. 

The show is noted for having a particularly high turnover rate of actors and producers as well as frequent creative reinventions.The omnibus draws a collective audience of approximately 1.5 million viewers from the channels it is aired on each week.

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Similar programs: Neighbours, Home & Away.

Watch all episodes of Hollyoaks: Omnibus here. Hollyoaks: Omnibus is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Hollyoaks: Omnibus here via

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