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Wolfblood is a teen fantasy drama that follows two ordinary seeming teenagers who are concealing a secret. Maddy and Rhydian are Wolfbloods – humans who can transform into werewolves at a full moon and when under stressful situations. They have special powers of strength and speed yet struggle with keeping their true natures secret from ordinary people.

Wolfblood with its supernatural and gothic flavour is a popular CBBC TV programme that is in keeping with the current trend for vampire fiction and film. As the two teenagers try to fit in and cope with the usual stresses of teenage life, their special powers prove to be both a handicap and an advantage.
Wolfblood is a British production produced by the same team that made Tracey Beaker and is a quality show which has grown in popularity as the series has progresses. First shown in October 2012, Wolfblood looks set to run for a second series on CBBC. Did you miss the first episodes of Wolfblood? You can catch up now via

Watch all episodes of Wolfblood here. Wolfblood is a tv-programme of BBC One. Are you a fan of Wolfblood? Mark it as your favourite. Furthermore, you will receive personal television tips and programme suggestions based on your preferences. You can see all episodes of Wolfblood here via

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