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World's Scariest...

Watch the episode of World's Scariest... broadcasted on 14-07-2018, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

World's Scariest...

Worlds Scariest…on Channel 5 is a high-octane documentary series that features some of the world’s most frightening moments captured on camera by ordinary people. Is it really entertaining to watch people under so much fear and stress they can hardly hold their iphone or camera straight? Of course it is!  And you do have the comfort of knowing that nobody actually dies although there are some injuries and harrowing incidents along the way. 
Whether it is the World’s Scariest Flights, Weather or the World’s Scariest Animal Attacks, this series is one of those shows that is much easier to watch than to actually star in. Because the film footage is taken live at the time, you get all the flavour of the fear factor as it happens.
Worlds Scariest Flights includes documentary footage of terrifying plane journeys and crash landings and World’s Scariest weather captures some terrifying footage of fast approaching tornadoes and tsunami waves. 
In the World’s Scariest Animal Attack season, the documentary shows some horrific animal attacks captured on film by ordinary people. These include attacks by a tame lion at an awards ceremony, what happens when swimming with sharks goes wrong and similar. 
In many cases, people’s own behaviour has caused the incident. Why anyone should take a lion along to a party defies sense and it was always an accident just waiting to happen. Swimming with sharks is just plain dangerous. World’s Scariest on channel 5 captures the awe inspiring, the frankly stupid and occasionally terrifying moments when things go out of control. 
Catch up with World’s Scariest via youriplayer.co.uk.  This little known series is certainly worth a look.

Watch all episodes of World's Scariest... here. World's Scariest... is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of World's Scariest... here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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