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Tipping Point

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Tipping Point

Tipping Point is an ITV game show that combines a general knowledge quiz with a giant size arcade coin pusher machine. If you have ever been to a fairground or seaside resort, you will be familiar with this slot game. It is the one where you insert coins in order to knock other coins off a moving platform. As the coins are dislodged, they reach tipping point and fall over the edge of the platform. In the seaside game you get them as winnings.

Tipping Point has taken this idea further and in this game show contestants first must win tokens as prizes for correct answers and then choose an area of the machine to place them. For each token that falls, the contestant wins £50.

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Tipping Point requires strategy. Contestants choose whether to answer questions or pass and there is a technique in choosing how and when to insert the tokens so that they have the maximum chance of falling and taking other tokens with them.

Tipping Point is played with four contestants with a contestant eliminated after every round until there is just one contestant left. He or she gets the chance to win a £10,000 jackpot by entering a special larger token into the machine and then causing it to reach the tipping point and fall over the edge of the platform
Tipping Point is a game of suspense and general knowledge. It is strangely compelling to watch the movement of the tokens and guess where the most likely tipping point will be.
Tipping point is hosted by Ben Shepherd and is an entertaining and novel ITV game show. It was first broadcast in 2012 and has gone onto to three series plus one celebrity version of the game.

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