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The Bridge

Watch the episode of The Bridge broadcasted on 21-11-2020, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a Scandinavian crime drama series that follows in the steps of Borgen and Wallender and if you love those shows, you will probably enjoy this one too! There is just something about these dark dramas and weirdly foreign and cold settings that has really captured the imagination of viewers. The Scandinavian crime drama seems a world part from the glossy US crime series such as CSI and has legions of fans for each new offering.

The Bridge is slightly different again and is a combined Swedish and Danish production that looks to become as popular as the rest. Saga Noren is a detective with the Malmo police force in Sweden. She likes to play it all by the book and is lacking in social skills with many Asperger traits in evidence. Her detective partner is Danish Martin Rhode a detective from the Copenhagen police force who is a likeable maverick with a complicated home life.

The detectives of these two different forces (and countries) are first forced to work together when the body of a Swedish female politician is discovered on a bridge, which connects Sweden with Denmark. The Bridge on BBC Four was first released in Sweden and Denmark in 2011 and has so far run to two series. The second series revolves around an eco terrorism storyline when a ship rams the Oresund Bridge coinciding with an outbreak of unexplained deaths due to eating poisoned fruit and masked online terrorists reveal a signs to claim responsibility for unleashing a plague. Catch up with the all episodes of The Bridge via youriplayer.co.uk and enjoy some quality crime drama from the current masters of the crime thriller genre.

Watch all episodes of The Bridge here. The Bridge is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of The Bridge here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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