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Take Me Out

Watch the episode of Take Me Out broadcasted on 09-06-2018, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

Take Me Out

Take Me Out is an ITV dating show presented by comedian Paddy McGuiness of Max and Paddy fame.v510tv Taking over from the classic Blind Date series famously presented by Cilla Black, Take Me Out differs in the fact that a lucky man makes his choice out of thirty rather than three women.

The women can choose however to turn down the man by the touch of a button. They press the button if they do not want to ultimately meet the man. If the man is unfortunate enough to be turned down by all thirty women, he leaves backed up by the Celine Dion cover of ‘All By Myself’.
The destinations of the meetings from Take Me Out have ranged from Manchester to Cyprus. If you have missed an episode of ‘Take Me Out’, catch up via Youriplayer.co.uk

Watch all episodes of Take Me Out here. Take Me Out is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Take Me Out here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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