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Salamander on BBC Four is a 12-part Flemish political thriller. Tagged with the lines, “Everyone has secrets. But these can bring down a nation”, this popular thriller series will appeal to the current craze for foreign drama.

The story begins when a successful robbery takes place on an exclusive private bank in Belgium but leaves most of the money and valuables untouched in the bank’s safes. It seems that out of eight hundred vaults only sixty six are robbed. These belong to the political, financial, judicial and industrial leaders from Belgium and inside these vaults are the safe deposit boxes that contain these elite people’s most intimate secrets. The kind of secrets that could wreak havoc on the nation. r042tv

This is the start of this well paced political thriller airing originally on BBC4. You can also catch up with the latest episode of Salamander via The bank is in a hurry to cover up the attack and disguise the robbery to avoid involvement with the police, when inspector Paul Geradi played by Filip Peeters gets involved.

The Inspector throws himself into solving the incident believing himself to be incorruptible and morally superior. But when some of the victims either commit suicide or just vanish completely he begins to realise just how deep the crimes have gone already. As inspector Geradi becomes a wanted man by both the criminals and the authorities he knows he must find out their agenda quickly and discover who ordered the crimes. The future of Belgium might rely on it.

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