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Person of Interest

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Person of Interest

Person of Interest on Channel 5. Preventing violent crimes from being carried out is the name of the game in this American crime drama, which is currently showing on Channel 5. A down at luck former CIA agent John Reese is recruited to work for a secret billionaire called Harold Finch in order to prevent violent crimes in New York City.

Crucial to the crime fighting operation is The Machine – a huge surveillance computer system that processes data from around the world and predicts violent acts. . The Machine was set up by Finch following September 11 2001 for the government in order to fight against terrorism but he quickly found that it predicted ordinary crime as well. Withdrawing from public life Finch secretly uses his machine and his fortune in order to fight crime in New York. Person of Interest.

John Reese is joined by NYPD detectives Fusco and Carter working secretly for Finch and a “fixer” Zoe Morgan a computer expert. Expect complicated plots, conspiracy theories and shady government intervention as John Reese and the team attempt to prevent crimes from being committed.

Each episode of Person of Interest sees the workings of the machine as it colour codes potential risks on a machine generated on screen display of New York. The white irrelevant threat targets are the Persons of Interest who will be caught up in crime unless prevented by the team. You can catch up with Person Of Interest via your iplayer.co.uk

If you like glossy thriller dramas with plenty of “enhance” and mysterious undercover government agencies who may or may not be working for the forces of evil you will enjoy Person of Interest.
This American series made by CBS first aired on TV in 2011 and has been sold to over 40 countries. It has been broadcast on Channel 5 since 2012 so is probably one of the most widely watched current series in the World.

Watch all episodes of Person of Interest here. Person of Interest is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Person of Interest here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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