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Watch the episode of Perfection broadcasted on 23-05-2018, via Youriplayer.co.uk.


This general knowledge game show on BBC Two requires the contestants to “achieve perfection” by supplying the correct answers to a range of questions in order to win a £1000 prize! One wrong answer and the game is over but there are plenty of chances to amend the answers along the way.
Perfection may be a simple question and answer show but it has a complicated format that makes this quiz show interesting to watch. You can watch Perfection via youriplayer.co.uk and see if you’ve got what it takes to achieve perfection yourself!

Four contestants play – with three, known as the Usual Suspects playing in soundproof booths against the chosen contestant who plays on stage in a similar format to Deal or No Deal. Once the principle player is out, having achieved perfection or has lost, one of the Usual Suspects will take his or her place and a new contestant enters the game.

Although the spotlight is on the principle player, the usual suspects attempt to answer the questions too and can choose to change the contestant’s answer if they think it is wrong. Once all questions have been answered and the responses “locked in” the Usual Suspects can negotiate a price with the contestant for helping. Once the questions have all been answered, a correct answer to the whole batch of questions wins the £1000 prize.

Watch all episodes of Perfection here. Perfection is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Perfection here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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