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Nigellissima is Italian for "very Nigella" and this Nigella Lawson’s Christmas  Cookery special on BBC Two takes us to where all the desire is culinary based in her  beautiful and softly lit kitchen.
Nigella is much in the news after her divorce from her ex husband Charles Saatchi  and associated backbiting, but her appeal in the kitchen is as strong as ever.  Domestic  goddess or otherwise, everyone loves Nigella!  Inspired by her 20-year-old love affair with Venice. Nigella Lawson armed with her  recipe books and to be honest the money to make this happen, brings back some ideas  for her festive cookery programme to celebrate Christmas.
The programme follows the usual format and includes background to her recipes,  some shopping and cooking and finally some guests filmed in soft focus or just out of  shot to eat it. Nigella Lawson obviously loves Christmas with a passion and she creates a party  recipe in this episode with parmesan shortbreads, pannetone, a ruby red Venetian  cocktail plus a renaissance salad with Brussels sprout pasta.  
Catch up with  Nigellissima now via youriplayer.co.uk and learn these elegant festive recipes  yourself. 
Nigella Lawson is the author of How to Be a Domestic Goddess and undoubtedly one  of the most watchable TV cooks.  Although sometimes we may be surprised at how  often she claims to be making something out of last night’s left over cake and booze;  her recipes do have something of the glorious indulgence about them that especially  suits Christmas,  Nigellissima on BBC Two will not disappoint you!  Carry on cooking Nigella!

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