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Mock the Week

Watch the episode of Mock the Week broadcasted on 14-05-2024, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

Mock the Week

Competitive comedy rules, in this quick fire topical panel game as comedians join host Dara O Briain to deliver their verdicts on the week’s news. Catch up with Mock the Week via youriplayer.co.uk and see for yourself.
The game features stand up comedy, improvisation and is played over several rounds although it is not particularly important who wins. The main idea from the comedian’s perspective is to personally shine thanks to his or her quick-witted response to topical questions.

There are two teams of panel guests. Hugh Dennis and Chris Addison form one team joined by a new guest each week and Andy Parsons is the opposing team captain who is joined by two new team members. Dara O’Briain  is the host keeping control over the proceedings and awarding points to comedians he finds personally funny.
Mock the Week can be funny but it has been criticised for being too aggressive and male oriented. It is essentially like watching a lot of men trying to be funny in competition and the show has been criticised for its lack of female guests, who often struggle to get heard on the show. Many male comedians also avoid appearing on it for the same reason, including Rory Bremner who likened the comedians to prize fighters.

Comedy is not just about who gets in first or who can shout loudest or go further, and it takes a certain type of comic to feel comfortable and shine on this show. Usually a male one who can bully the others into submission.
If you like topical comedy, and sarcastic banter you will like Mock The Week. It is certainly popular. The series started back in 2005 and has run to 12 seasons plus special episodes, including the “best of” each season, Christmas specials and similar.

Watch all episodes of Mock the Week here. Mock the Week is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Mock the Week here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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