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Merlin was a flagship BBC One Saturday night programme that is now showing on CBBC much to the delight of its huge audience. Merlin follows the story of Merlin a young magician who is assigned to the young King Arthur as a servant. We the viewers know that young Merlin is a powerful magician a fact that the arrogant yet likeable king Arthur is unaware of. Each week Merlin has to save the day by some secretly applied magic, which usually results in near disaster but avoids harm to the King.

. Merlin is assisted by Gaius a wise physician and the story follows the basic theme of the traditional story of King Arthur but with a modern twist that is surprisingly appealing to all age groups. As the story progresses the sinister nature of magic increases. Morgana heads the forces of evil as Merlin tries to protect the King and the results are often surprising and sometimes amusing.

Ideal family viewing, watch Merlin now via and catch up with the latest in the story. Merlin ran for seven series and charted the course of the fable from the origins of when Arthur was a young man and under the thumb of his domineering father Uther Pendragon right to his kingship and the final betrayal.
As an added bonus, there is a fantastic  dragon with the voice played by celebrated actor John Hurt and Richard Head and Richard Wilson also star .Great quality family drama on CBBC.

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