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Merlin now showing on BBC Three is a popular BBC family drama series around the legend of King Arthur and his court magician Merlin. You can also catch up with Merlin via and see the whole series whenever you want.

Merlin has been one of the BBC‘s most popular dramas and is well worth watching. The story follows the fortunes of young Merlin, played by Colin Morgan as he works for King Arthur as a servant and attempts to keep the young king safe from harm without his knowledge, by using his natural born gift of magic. Merlin is mentored by court physician Gaius played by veteran actor Richard Wilson and other characters include Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon and the voice of John Hurt as a dragon.

Merlin is ideal family drama and occupied the early Saturday slot where it pulled in over seven million viewers each episode.
This magical British tale ran for five series from 2008 until the series finally ended in 2012. It loosely follows the classic tale of King Arthur but with a modern twist and the focus of the story on the relationship between a young King Arthur and a young Merlin brings a new dimension to this familiar story. Ideal family viewing, Merlin is a programme that most age groups will enjoy. The Arthurian legends have plenty of scope for action adventure, romance and magic and this BBC TV series hits the mark.

Watch all episodes of Merlin here. Merlin is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Merlin here via

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