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First Dates

Watch the episode of First Dates broadcasted on 04-12-2019, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

First Dates

First Dates on Channel 4 delivers all the nerves, social embarrassment and moments of hilarity of the first date and serves it all up for the viewers to see. This fly on the wall documentary series is set in a restaurant and sees people of all ages getting together on first dates. As an added twist, you can apply to date the candidates yourself via the First Dates website.
You might think that this series is simply another dating show that attempts to match make but this is not what the show is about. Instead the show follows the first date couples as they attempt to break the ice, make small talk and try to find out if their date is someone they would like to go out with again, or will leave them grabbing their bags and running to the hills. 
There is something unique and compelling about First Dates. The series does not make any comments or have any input into the meetings and apart from setting the dates up and filming the candidates; the whole experience comes across as natural and believable. The camera catches small moments – a change of expression as a date tells a questionable joke or makes a personal comment, moments of boredom, as the date surreptitiously looks at his or her watch and for the females quick trips to the bathroom in order to escape and pass a few words with fellow female datees 
First Dates on Channel 4 was first broadcast in 2013 and a second series is already in production. This show looks likely to run and run and has already attracted legions of fans. Watch First Dates via youriplayer.co.uk and get an insight into the world of dating! 

Watch all episodes of First Dates here. First Dates is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of First Dates here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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