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Birds of a Feather

Watch the episode of Birds of a Feather broadcasted on 22-05-2020, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather on ITV is a much loved comedy soap series featuring two single women taking on the world. When the two Theodopolopodos sisters Sharon and Tracey, find their husbands convicted of armed robbery and sent to prison, they have to give each other support. To do this Sharon, a rather common, large loudmouth from a council flat in Edmonton, moves into her wealthy sister's luxury home in Chigwell, Essex. 
Sharon has always felt inferior to her older sister Tracy who she sees as having an easier childhood than her. Tracey loves her husband Darryl who she believes has run a legitimate conservatory building business. However, Darryl built his business on money from armed robbery but gullible Tracey prefers to believe he is innocent.
They are sometimes helped but more usually hampered by their wealthy neighbour Dorian Green a snobbish man-eating older woman of the Cougar variety. Dorian likes to create an impression that she is a young glamorous beauty dressing in mini skirts, high heels and leopard prints and she provides many of the laughs by her misguided view of herself and bitchy one-liners. 
Dorian is married to Marcus who although often talked about in intimate detail, is rarely ever seen.
Birds of a Feather ran for nine consecutive years on BBC TV ending with a Christmas special in 1998 and everyone thought that was the end of this much loved show. We were wrong.  15 years later and Birds of a Feather on ITV is back and despite the change of TV channel, nothing has really changed. 
 The show features the original cast with Linda Robson playing Tracy Theodopolopodos, Pauline Quirk as Sharon and Lesley Joseph as Dorian Green. They may be older but are certainly not any wiser and it feels like they had never been away. 
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