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Watch the episode of Alphablocks broadcasted on 20-09-2018, via Youriplayer.co.uk.


Alphablocks is an educational programme which caters specifically to children between the ages of three and six in the aim of introducing them to new words.

Alphablocks enables children to learn while being entertained and focuses on enhancing their reading skills. It also features the use of phonics to increase their confidence in forming words.
CBeebies provides a special feature on its website, ‘Fun with Alphablocks’ which introduces children to alphabets and words.

Each episode of Alphablocks is available to watch on the show’s website and can be accessed by viewers at any time.


Watch all episodes of Alphablocks here. Alphablocks is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Alphablocks here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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