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The IT Crowd

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The IT Crowd

This contemporary British sitcom on Channel 4 is set in the IT dept of a London company Reynholm Industries and follows the three members of the Information Technology team – the IT Crowd of the title. Moss and Roy are the two computer nerds who work with Jen – the relationships manager who knows nothing about computers and whose role is to bridge the gap between IT and the rest of the company.

The team is based in a decrepit basement in contrast to the gleaming office space above, and the series explores their attempts to fit in with the people in the company as well as their personal lives. Moss is a brilliant computer geek who lives with his mother but cannot relate to people, Roy an Irish loafer who attempts to spend his time doing as little as possible and Jen who looks for romance and attempts to social climb and make friends with the more successful people who work for the company. She also finds herself in many bizarre situations often caused by her inability to understand anything about her job as well as her desire for romance and approval. Bosses Denholm and his son Douglas Renolm run the company and add to the general mayhem.

The IT Crowd was written by Father Ted creator Graham Linihan and although this is a very different setting to the earlier show, it has proven to be equally popular. The IT Crowd is very funny and clever and the characters are memorable. The show has run to four series and first aired in 2006. Despite ratings being low for the initial series, The IT Crowd has grown in popularity and has achieved a cult status. It was voted best new series in the 2006 Comedy awards and has many other prestigious awards under its belt including a BAFTA in 2009, and Katherine Parkinson the actress who plays Jen won an award from the 2009 Comedy Awards for the best comedy actress.
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