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Watch the episode of QI broadcasted on 16-01-2022, via Youriplayer.co.uk.


QI stands for quite interesting and sums up the appeal of this long running BBC Two panel game. Hosted by Stephen Fry overseeing two teams each manned by two celebrities, the programme explores a different theme each week to comic and interesting effect, accompanied by sound effects and visual images . The show is fast moving , witty and intelligent and at times very funny.
You can watch all episodes of QI via youiplayer.co.uk and although this show is essentially a panel game with teams, the scoring system does not make sense. Even the producers of the show and Stephen Fry have said they fail to understand it and it is all part of the general appeal.

The constestants are rewarded with points simply  if their answers are “quite interesting”
.Comedian Alan davies is a permement QI constestant – usually seen as the fall guy with idiotic answers and the other guests are drawn from the world of entertainment and are also mainly from a comedy background.
Where this BBC Two programme scores is with its unique style. The show really is “quite interesting” and with themes based around a letter of the alphabet for each series, the topics are wide and varied and a great font of trivia knowledge.

The team of researchers – known as the QI elves delve into each topic to provide the most bizarre and interesting facts about any topic. The philiospphy of QI is that everything in the world is interesting if looked at in the right way.
QI first came onto the screen in 2003 and this first series was based around topics beginning with the letter A. Since then all the series are defined by a letter rather than a number.
QI has legions of fans, the complete series available to buy on DVD  and the show is often repeated on BBC Two. Catch up with QI now via youriplayer.co.uk

Watch all episodes of QI here. QI is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of QI here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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