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Police Interceptors

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Police Interceptors

Police Interceptors on Channel 5 is a documentary series that follows police interception units as they carry out high-speed car chases and attempt to catch dangerous criminals, stop dangerous and drunken drivers and keep the roads safe for everyone to use.
This series first aired in 2008 originally focused on the Essex Police High Speed Interception Unit and provided plenty of action. In the first three series, this Essex based Unit carried out a range of Interceptions including a high-speed chase following drug dealers down the M25, the discovery of a burglars hide out in a garage and the pursuit of a kidnapper in a stolen lorry across three counties. At the end of each series a compilation episode features highlights of some of the most spectacular and exciting moments of the series.

Season four saw a change of formula. Police Interceptors began to profile the work of the Interception units of other counties, and featured South Yorkshire and Derbyshire police forces, which provided some variety and a change of landscape into the format. Further series are set to include the work of the Cumbrian High Speed Interception Unit too.

Despite the serious nature of the work, Police Interceptors on Channel 5 is an entertaining show. We get to know the police officers and share in their banter and occasional practical jokes and also get to experience the thrill of watching real life car chases and illegal incidents. It can be funny. People do some crazy things and carry out bizarre behaviour often fuelled by alcohol and drugs. Parties get out of hand, romantic evenings end in drunken brawls and criminals embark on some spectacular dangerous driving sprees in order to escape capture. Luckily, the Police Interceptors are on hand to pick up the pieces and keep the public safe.
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