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Broadcast by the BBC and aired on BBC1, Pointless is a quiz show in which contestants attempt to win as few points as possible, in order to be awarded the largest cash prize.

Moderated by two presenters, Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, Pointless features four teams each of which consists of two players and consists of three rounds.

Each team must decide which member will answer all the questions in the first round with the second answering all the questions in the next. They then    continue to alternate in each round for the duration of the game. r042tv
Team members are not allowed to confer with each other during rounds.

Each round covers a particular topic and features questions which have already been asked to 100 members of the public.

Points are allocated based on the number of individuals who have given similar responses to those provided by each contestant.

A wrong answer has a value of 100 points and a cash value of zero pounds.

A correct response which has already been given by 40 members of the public would have a value of 40 points and a corresponding cash value.

A correct response which no member of the public has already given has a value of 0 points and a cash value of 250 pounds; it is referred to as a   ‘pointless answer’.

Teams with the highest points are eliminated in the first and second rounds with the remaining two going through to the final in the aim of providing a pointless answer and winning the jackpot.
Each jackpot which is not won during a game is rolled on to the next.

Fans of Pointless can catch up with previous episodes via Youriplayer.co.uk, a free on demand service which caters to viewers in the UK.

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Watch all episodes of Pointless here. Pointless is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Pointless here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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