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Watch the episode of OOglies broadcasted on 11-07-2018, via Youriplayer.co.uk.


This CBBC animation is all about the household objects, fruit and veg that take on a life of their own once our backs are turned!  The OOglies have googley eyes and wreak havoc around the house with their exploits.
Motorcycling eggs , cheeky carrots and tomatoes with attitude ,are just a few of the OOglies characters in the kitchen and you can expect some tragic cases of inadvertent blending – the blender has a life of its own, strawberries looking for true love and getting splatted, and mischievous grapes getting squashed by an over enthusiastic water melon.

OOglies is very funny and has been created by a highly skilled team of animators. The humour is mischievous and the voices of the various inanimate objects as they take on a life of their own are extremely funny.
The programme comes with a warning of extreme silliness and this fast-paced show, which show household objects having fun and misbehaving, is very appealing. You might have a passing sympathy for squashed grapes as they lose out to a watermelon on a home made see saw or a sugar cube that falls in water, but they do not seem to mind themselves. OOglies follows in the footsteps of some great British animation and will delight viewers of all age ages.

Catch up with OOglies via your iplayer.co.uk and you will never see your household shopping in the same light again. With its CBBC billing, OOglies is aimed at children but anything as silly as this will be enjoyed by all age groups.

Watch all episodes of OOglies here. OOglies is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of OOglies here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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