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Match of the Day 2

Watch the episode of Match of the Day 2 broadcasted on 11-02-2024, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

Match of the Day 2

Match of the Day or MoTD as it is often abbreviated, is the BBC's principle football TV programme. It has been broadcast since 1964 and one of the BBC’s most long running shows. The MoTD theme tune was recently voted the most recognisable theme tune in Britain and both the tune and the programme is a much-loved British institution. Match Of The Day 2 or MoTD 2 is a companion show to Match of the Day.

It airs on Sunday evenings and covers the highlights of the football matches played on Sunday. If there are not enough Sunday matches to cover, the team discuss the previous day’s games. Now you don’t have to wait until Sunday to enjoy it. Catch up with Match of the Day 2 via youriplayer at anytime you like.
Match of the Day 2 first aired on TV in 2004 and was presented by Adrian Chiles until 2010. The current host is Radio 5 live presenter Mark Chapman and the show is a more light hearted view of Premier league football than its MoTD counterpart. There is a more fan based focus to the show rather than all the usual pundits simply discussing the action between themselves.

Match Of The Day 2 invites a variety of footballing guests onto the show as pundits including some of the regular Match of the Day hosts such as Alan Hanson and Mark Lawrenson as well as current players who may be injured so available to take part. Michael Owen has been on the show as well as some of the best managers in football including Gordon Strachan and Alan Pardew. 
The programme also includes special features and lighthearted features such as 2 good 2 bad that looks at humorous events that have happened over the week in football.


Watch all episodes of Match of the Day 2 here. Match of the Day 2 is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Match of the Day 2 here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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