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Mastermind is an iconic general knowledge quiz show with a serious scholarly atmosphere and challenging questions. Now broadcast on BBC Two, Mastermind is more of an itelligance test than general knowledge quiz and appearing on the show and playing essentially for pride and the chance to win a glass trophy is something to be proud of!. The show does not give cars away as prizes, but everyone is impressed by being a contestant on Mastermind.

You can watch Mastermind via youiplayer.co.uk and discover why this show continues to be so popular. One reason is because it has a nightmare appeal. The theme music “Apporoaching Menace” and subdued lighting creates an ominous and gloomy atmosphere. John Humphrys the presenter and question master is business like and does not engage in banter with the constestants. One by one , the five constestants approach the mastermind chair (apparently designed to resemble aon old fashioned dentist’s chair) and answer two rounds of questions. The winner going through to the next round and eventually the final and a chance to win the glass trophy.
It does not look fun or easy appearing as a constestant on mastermind, but despite that there is no shortage of willing volunteers.

Mastermind first appeared on TV back in 1972  with the original host Magnus Magnusson staying on the programme until his retirement in 1997. He coined the phrase “I’ve started so I’ll finish”the BBC Two shows catch phrase.  John Humphrys has been the presenter on the show since 2003 and looks to continue for many years.

This mentally heavy weight quiz show attract a large audience to BBC Two and will appeal to you if you like quizzes and enjoy showing off your general knowledge!

Watch all episodes of Mastermind here. Mastermind is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Mastermind here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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