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Father Brown

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Father Brown

Father Brown on BBC One is a period detective drama series featuring the eponymous Father Brown. This mild mannered priest has a double role, first as a parish priest serving his community and second as a razor sharp crime detective.

Catch up with Father Brown via youriplayer.co.uk and see this appealing crime drama yourself. Catholic priest and all round crime stopper Father Brown played by ex fast show actor Mark Williams, is the parish priest of St Mary's Catholic Church in the small village of Kembleford.

He spends his days looking after his parish and has a love and understanding for the people who live there. Father Brown believes he is there not to judge people but to save souls. It is his compassion and understanding of people that helps his insight into solving crimes. Father Brown is aided by Mrs McCarthy who is the Parish Secretary. She researches and helps the priest with his detective work while defending him from the local congregations’ disapproval at his crime fighting exploits.

The Father is also involved with Inspector Sullivan the local police inspector who both admires and is frustrated by Father Brown in equal measures. The Inspector admires the priest’s sleuth like abilities but is frustrated by Father Brown’s moral code, which often includes sympathy for the perpetrators.

Father Brown on BBC One is set in a fictional village in the Cotswolds during the early1950s and based on a series of original books by the author GK Chesterton. In the books, the stories were set in many different locations and settings. Although placing the action in a central location has shades of the dangerous village of Midsommer this is a very different show with a much gentler appeal. The 1950s is a popular time to set drama right now and a mixture of murder, nostalgia and a village is bound to hit the right spot with viewers.

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