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Eggheads on BBC2 is a daily quiz show hosted by Jeremy Vine. Each episode sees a five-person quiz team take on the might of the Eggheads – a quiz team in which all members have won notable quizzes including Millionaire and mastermind. Playing to beat them, each episode sees a new Challengers team often made up from workmates, friends or relations or similar take on these quizzing champions!
The Eggheads are a formidable quiz team and are pretty much unbeatable. The game is played in five rounds and sees the challengers matching up to play against the eggheads or face elimination for the last round. Once all challengers have played in contest with an egghead, the final round is a general knowledge quiz in which all remaining players participate with the prospect of winning a large cash prize for the challengers. 
If the Eggheads win, and they usually do win, £1000 is then rolled over to prize money for the next day and the Challenging team leave with nothing. 
Occasionally the challengers win. The biggest prize on Eggheads was £75,000 which was paid out in 2007 to a quiz team called Beer Today Gone Tomorrow. Over a million pounds has been paid out as prize money to winning challengers since the show first began in 2003. However, as they say on the show The Eggheads do what comes naturally and that means winning quizzes! 
Watch Eggheads via youriplayer.co.uk and see if you and your friends have got what it takes to challenge the Eggheads.

Watch all episodes of Eggheads here. Eggheads is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of Eggheads here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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