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Death in Paradise

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Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise on BBC One is a tongue in cheek crime drama with a great sense 
of humour. The plot is based around a slightly uptight British Police detective who is 
sent to the Caribbean island of Sainte Marie to solve the murder of his predecessor.
After solving this murder, he is offered the position of the local police forces new 
detective hence the title Death in Paradise.
Some of the lighter moments of the previous series of Death in Paradise on BBC 1 
featured Detective Inspector Richard Poole played by Ben Miller longing for the 
drizzle of home. However, by the beginning of the third series he is murdered, left 
with an ice pick or possibly a very ornate letter opener protruding from his chest.
Now he is replaced by Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) who has 
to solve his predecessors’ murder. Even though this has shades of Doctor Who regenerating every time an actor leaves the show, Kris Marshall seems set to take on 
this role and continue the drama’s growing success.
This successful Anglo French series is now in its third season and with a large cast of characters featuring both new and old actors, it seems the TV talent all want to film in the Caribbean for a couple of weeks. The only exception being Ben Miller who has returned to England after finding the strain of living in the fictional Caribbean island for six months at a time too stressful.
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