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You've Been Framed!

Watch the episode of You've Been Framed! broadcasted on 12-01-2019, via Youriplayer.co.uk.

You've Been Framed!

New You’ve Been Framed is a long running  ITV show – in slightly new format that offers a compilation of viewers’ humorous home videos and mobile phone footage in one half an hour show, all commented on by comedian Harry Hill. . Dancing animals, bizarre freak accidents, people falling over unexpectedly, cake dropping incidents and more, viewers are invited to send in anything that is funny or unexpected for a £250 payment and the thrill of having their video featured on the show.

With the popularity of YouTube making hits out of random video clips, this long running ITV show is more popular than ever, especially as an increasing number of people have the technology to film anything via mobile phones.
New You’ve Been Framed is narrated by comedian Harry Hill who delivers some surreal comments about the people on film and their home décor and it can be very funny.  Viewers are encouraged to notice the curtains for example or to guess whether a dog will knock over all of the people or whether someone showing off will fall in the water.
v510tv  the original You’ve Been Framed first aired on ITV in 1991 when it was hosted by Jeremy Beadle until 1999. Lisa Riley and Jonathon Wilkes followed as presenters and the show underwent a few format changes.

Harry Hill took over in 2009 and New You’ve Been Framed has undergone a transformation. The style of the viewers video clips are unchanged but the commentary is much more entertaining as Harry Hill puts his bizarre comedy spin on events.
You can watch all episodes of New You’ve Been Framed via youriplayer.co.uk. If you enjoy a laugh at other people’s expense and can suspend your sympathy for someone dropping a cake they’ve probably spent ages making, and similar, you will love it! 

Watch all episodes of You've Been Framed! here. You've Been Framed! is a tv-programme of BBC One. You can see all episodes of You've Been Framed! here via Youriplayer.co.uk.

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