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Heartbeat is a British drama series created by ITV Studios and aired on ITV1, with previous episodes also being available via

Its storyline focuses on   a police officer who moves to the countryside with his spouse who is a doctor in order to escape the turmoil of city life only to find that it is far from anything he expected.

First aired in April 1992, Heartbeat was based on the Constable books by   Nicholas Rhea.  It takes place in the 1960s, in the fictional town   of Aidensfield in Yorkshire with Nicholas Rowan, an easygoing policeman as its main character.

The show details his struggles with acceptance in a community which is distrustful of him when he first arrives and also with bereavement as well as his duties as an officer of the law.

Heartbeat ran for a total of 18 series with its final episode being aired on Sunday 12 September 2010.
It proved to be highly popular with viewers and its figures occasionally surpassed those of other popular programs such as Coronation Street.


The Royal, the Royal Today, Midsomer Murders.

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